Hibernation Time on Domino Farm

Now the goats have almost gone on holiday for this year, work is forging ahead on the guest house…The fireplace has been installed…ummm…warm & toasty…must admit its pretty difficult to get any work done on a wet and windy afternoon when the logs are busy crackling away in the hearth!…The second outside apartment is coming together, and the honeymoon suite got half its floor yesterday. I’m off today for some nice new linens and a raid on the second hand stores to see what I can re-use, re-purpose and reclaim. Restaurant customers will also be happy to know that the moat around the main entrance has now been filled in and you no longer have to cross the drawbridge to get into the building!

Back on the farm, the new veggie garden is in and planted up, so hopefully not too long before we have fresh greens for the table again. As I mentioned before, the girls are looking forward to their annual shutdown, now only a week away, and filling out nicely with this year’s new recruits. Most of them should now be in their 3rd month of pregnancy – babies will start arriving in September, when we will open the farm again for tours. We will start making cheese again in October, so we have laid in enough stock to last until then (mainly the harder cheeses with a long shelf life) but also have some milk in the freezer for a last batch or 2 of the soft cheese if we need it.

When you pop in at the shop this week, you may find our front gates closed as we do a little DIY out back. Please use the pedestrian gate and ring the bell on the shop/restaurant door to get our attention. We may be a little dusty, but still happy to serve you!

See you soon…Farmer J

Tel: 072 516 1579

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