Good Morning World!

It’s hard being a farmer in the middle of winter. To wake up at 4.30am in the pitch dark, and hear the lashing rain does not fill one with a burning desire to leap out of bed and go bounding across a hillside. On the other hand, if I didn’t get up at that time, I’d miss the sunrise, which can be quite spectacular when there’s a nip of frost in the air. After experiencing one winter as a farmer, I’m a little more prepared this year. I’ve got 3 layers of jumpers on and I’ve invested in a new pair of wellies – these have got laces in, so the clay mud doesn’t suction them off my feet and leave me standing in a field of goo in my socks (again). The goats like the rain even less than I do and do a break-dance every morning to avoid the big puddle of mud on the way to the milking room. If it gets any bigger I think they’ll have to climb the fence to keep their feet dry. For those who wish to see them being milked, this week is your last chance for a couple of months…’The Ladies’ are about to take their annual holiday and prepare for new babies coming in September. For us people though, the work continues as we are using the opportunity to double the size of our cheese making room and build a jam and pastry kitchen. So from that, you will deduce, we’ve got lots of new and interesting products planned for the coming season. We are also building a larger tasting facility out on our stoep, where you will be able to enjoy platters of our farm produce. (Don’t forget to bring you own wine!) Well, the last ricotta of the season is ready to come out of the vat ( I think ‘ricotta’ is Italian for ‘get up really early to clean the vat’) so I’d best get to work!

Jeanette O’Toole

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