Out With The Old

Sorry, I’ve been quiet for a while (my husband would say that’s not a bad thing), there’s been lots going on and just not enough of me to go around. The grand plan for simplifying my life is moving ahead, although its not looking too simple at the moment. We have finally secured our new property and work has begun on the new shop, restaurant and kitchen. Situated at 18 Sarel Ciller St, Napier, you will already find some of those things you, our customers, have been asking for…Better visibility – the huge oak tree in the front garden cannot be missed – wheel chair access, off road parking, lots of outdoor space and, most important, a toilet that is INSIDE the building! It’s going to take us a few weeks to get it ready for you, so we will still be serving TAPAS on Friday 24th FEB at the OLD PREMISES, and Slayte will be a the village market on Saturday morning, but otherwise we are closed to the public until the new place is ready. Our preliminary date is Friday 3 March for our grand opening, but more about that later. As you can see from the pictures we are not resting, that’s Slayte up the ladder in the kitchen (i’m sure the union would have a fit!), but we are certain all the hard work will be worth it and can’t wait to move in. See you on Friday for Tapas…

Jeanette O’Toole


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